Friday, April 27, 2012

There IS a Difference

I will attempt to explain the difference in this post. 

"A vitamin is a vitamin is a vitamin.. " I have heard that maaany a time, I am sure you have too ...or maybe you have even said it ;-)  If I hadn't been raised in a 'Shaklee household' I may be saying or thinking the same thing.  Now when I say 'raised in a Shaklee household' it is in reference to a couple things. The obvious being that I have been taking vitamins, drinking protein shakes and cleaning just about everything with Basic H (now Basic H2) for all of my 30 + years.  The other is learning why I am taking those vitamins, drinking those shakes and using basic H to clean just about everything.. in other words learning about the Shaklee difference.  There are many reasons that Shaklee is different however today I will elaborate a little about Natural vs. Synthetic supplements.

Did you know that there are THREE different types of supplements:

1st Synthetic: These elements are derived from chemicals.They contain NO living enzymes.  There are actually negative health and environmental impacts from synthetic ingredients in vitamins and supplements. Simply put, the human body is programmed to digest foods found in nature. Most synthetically produced vitamins and supplements are chemical compounds that cannot be found in nature, therefore the human body does not recognize these ingredients. The body is truly an amazing thing isn't it? It knows the difference between real and fake and it always prefers real. Examples: Centrum, One a Day etc..

2nd Crystalline/Extracted: These are manufactured using heat extraction.  Because of this manufacturing, they contain few to no living enzymes. They are generally imbalanced with questionable absorption. (meaning they will probably end up in the sewer)  Typical brands here include Nature's Bounty, Nature Made and brands you might find at health food stores.

3rd Whole Food or Lyophilized: These are cold processed without any chemicals.  They are balanced, from whole food sources, contain live enzymes and nourish our cells.  They are literally food supplements. Example: Shaklee

Did you also know that legally, a product only has to have 15% of natural ingredients to use the word natural on the label. 15%!!  In other words if you didn't know any better (know you do) you would of course assume if something is labeled "natural" or "made from nature" that it is!  This is why we as consumers need to educate ourselves and others and research the products that we put in and on our bodies.

Here is a great visual for the difference between natural and synthetic Vitamins. Vitamin C is the example.  As you can see the enzymes in Shaklee's Vitamin C resemble natural Vitamin C enzymes, because Shaklee's is natural... the others? Little resemblance. Have you ever smelled a synthetic Vitamin C?  It smells synthetic.  Shaklee's Vitamin C smells like citrus! 

Here is another visual for you. When your body is unable to breakdown and absorb your (synthetic) Vitamins, what happens to it? Well as you see in the picture it ends up in the sewer along with the money that you spent on those Vitamins. 

ONE last picture for you.  Two mice, both fed eggs.  One (I'll let you guess which one .. hint hint on the left) was fed good 'ol farm fresh eggs courtesy of mother nature.  The other?  Eggbeaters. They may look like eggs and they may taste like eggs.. but as you can see by the picture our bodies definitely prefer and thrive with the real thing.  

If you are going to supplement your diet to improve your health (why else would you supplement?) shouldn't you  be choosing products that will do just that?

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